Saturday, October 13, 2012 |

Horse scholarship opportunity

I don't do this thing very often, but I thought of all you when this came up. There's a really neat trainer in Australia, Jenny Pearce, who offers an online course in really connecting to your horse, developing an excellent seat, working at liberty, and helping eliminate sourness/fear/frustration/etc. I've studied a ton of trainers and Jenny actually seems pretty different, and what I've used of her methods really seems to connect with my mare, who's really picky. :P Anyway, Jenny is offering a couple of scholarships for her 8-month online course, and I'm applying for one of them.

This is the course:

And this is the scholarship, which is for the course plus private distance ed lessons with Jenny:

I know some of you won't be interested for yourselves, but if you teach others who perhaps have some fear issues, interest in developing connection with their horse, etc., perhaps they'd be interested?

Anyway, that's all I had! Hopefully someone can benefit.